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We can provide everything you need for parking lot maintenance from car stops to speed humps.


Vision & Value

Lipps Paving. will become our customers’ first and only choice for any parking area construction and maintenance needs.
Leadership -
to foster development of innovative and environmentally friendly products and pioneer new application techniques
Excellence -
to exceed our customers’ expectations and fulfill a promise to deliver a high quality product
Relationships -
to earn our customers’ confidence

A few words about us

  • Lipps Paving has been in business for over 17 years.

    Our company is capable of all the types of asphalt paving projects ranging from minor repairs to major rehabilitation and new construction. By focusing on commercial and industrial work, our people have become particularly sensitive to the needs of our clients.

    Lipps Paving has been especially successful in satisfying our customers' needs by suggesting and utilizing innovative techniques to bring significant savings.

  • Lipps Paving

    Continues to maintain its leadership in the asphalt paving industry by exceeding our customers’ expectations, developing long term relationships and delivering quality work at reasonable prices.

    Our staff is here to serve you - our customer. Our crews have worked in all of Kentucky, as well as the Tennessee. We hope that you will contact us with your job requirements and allow us to give you a free estimate on the work you want performed."

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What is our mission?

The nature of our business requires a strong financial base. At all times, we will retain sufficient capital resources to meet our commitments while continuing to make substantial investments in equipment and technology.
Our most important asset is our people. Given the right combination of managerial guidance, teamwork, communications and training, our employees will achieve the gains in productivity and quality that are required to meet our objectives.
We will be committed to uncompromising values in our corporate conduct. Integrity, in the broadest sense, will guide our Companys actions. We will always comply fully with all laws and regulations.
The partnerships that have been developed and continue to prosper are the lifeblood of our business. These relationships must be cultivated through open communication and honesty.

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