Redi-Rock installs like a one-ton Lego, and who doesn’t love playing with Legos? Each massive, one-ton block has a knob and groove design that makes retaining walls fast and easy to install. All that’s required is a small excavator and a 1-2 person crew. With 5.75 sq. ft. of face per block, retaining and freestanding walls go up fast—plus, the design of the blocks allows for curved walls, 90 degree corners and much more to make a custom wall simple to install.

Redi-Rock overview

  • Our 41 Inch Middle Block weighs in at 2351 pounds. This 41 in. Block weighs as much as a Budweiser Clydesdale!

    Redi-Rock uses the weight of the blocks to hold back the earth. This allows Redi-Rock to build taller walls than smaller block units before needing to add geogrid or tiebacks

    What’s the benefit of the large block Redi-Rock system? Using massive, one-ton Redi-Rock blocks allows tall walls to be built without reinforcement—saving time and money on the installation phase of the project. In addition, it’s easy to vary the batter of retaining walls to achieve the project’s goals. Options include zero degree batter, standard 5 degree batter, or creating a custom batter by incorporating one or more courses of 9 In. Setback blocks or Planter blocks.

  • The giant 60 Inch Middle Block weighs a whopping 3290 pounds. This Block weighs as much as a Chevrolet Corvette!

    60 In. Redi-Rock blocks are often used in the bottom course(s) of a wall so the wall can be built even higher without geogrid. This block is huge!

    Redi-Rock walls are reinforced using the highly efficient Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) system that has rigorous testing behind it. Due to the massive size of each block, reinforcement requirements are reduced—saving you time and money on installation.

Benefits of Redi-Rock PC System walls include: Superior seismic performance. Corrosion-free reinforcement. Simplified wall construction sequence. Increased wall height with reduced geosynthetic reinforcement requirements. The ability to coordinate with Freestanding walls, Columns, Planter blocks, and Pavers to create a complete solution for your project